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600 Oak Grove Rd. San Marcos, Texas 78666

Please leave a message if there is no answer, or your call will not be returned.


You can email me at and soon try to catch us on all of your favorite social networks. I get a lot of messages, but I read everything I receive and will do my best to respond as soon as possible. To increase your chances of a quick reply, you might find the following helpful:

1. Check out my galleries'll find them on the galleries page. There you can check out some of the different types of work I have done in the past.

2. When emailing, keep the " - Feedback" subject line intact and add your subject line on the end like so: " - Feedback - Your photos of your project". DO NOT use subject lines like "Hi", "Hello", "Read this", or "Something for you"...they're too commonly used by spammers, decreasing the likelihood that your message will get through my spam filters to me. Oh, and no blank subject lines.

3. For some of the photos on my site, you can submit your comments through Flickr. If you feel uncomfortable responding in public, you can drop me an email. Please do not use comments as a general contact mechanism.

For more information you can email

For more information you can email

For more information you can email